Twelve-Hour Shifts – A Balanced Perspective


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The assessment of the merits of 12- vs. 8-hour shift schedules is a complex issue that does not have a simple answer. Clearly, there are compelling advantages for 12-hour schedules such as more time off and more weekend days off, but these are balanced by the longer working days and the questions of mental and physical fatigue. Nevertheless, 12-hour shift schedules are not for everybody and not for every situation. There are certain types of 12-hour schedules that are extremely difficult to adapt to in terms of circadian (sleep/ wake) physiology. All 12-hour schedules are not created equal, so it is extremely important to take the time and effort necessary to determine the best possible schedule for your given shiftwork population.

By Martin Moore-Ede, MD, PhD / Acacia Aguirre, MD, PhD, and William Davis
Ed. Andrew Moore-Ede

PDF 22 pp