Shift Schedule Risk Assessment


Assess Risk And Performance Of Shift Schedules

What is the fatigue, health, and safety risk of our work schedules? Are our work schedules compliant with industry standards or government regulations? Which one of my facilities/departments is at the greatest risk of having an incident due to the work schedules? 

As the leading expert in best shift scheduling, shiftwork, and fatigue risk management practices, CIRCADIAN helps many operations conduct shift schedule fatigue risk assessments.

If This Is Your Situation:

  • You want an objective evaluation of your work schedule(s).
  • You want to benchmark the fatigue risk of your shift schedules. 
  • You want to benchmark work-hour risk trends (e.g., how often certain health and safety parameters are exceeded).
  • You need a 3rd party to provide a professional compliance and assessment report of your work schedules. 
  • You want a clear picture of your operations to work hour practices.

How CIRCADIAN Can Help You:

As a neutral, third-party shiftwork and shift scheduling expert, CIRCADIAN is well-equipped to evaluate the performance of your work schedules, highlight where the risk lies and identify opportunities for improvement.

To provide an objective assessment of fatigue, CIRCADIAN can utilize the CIRCADIAN Alertness Simulator (CAS™). CAS is a full-function biomathematical fatigue model with extensive scientific validation, and the longest history of successful implementation in real-world day-to-day 24/7 operations to manage the risk of fatigue. 

In addition to providing fatigue risk scores with CAS, CIRCADIAN has proprietary software that can analyze time and attendance data and capture work hour trends. This analysis can identify the number and frequency that certain work schedule health and safety parameters have been exceeded. CIRCADIAN can then summarize: 

  • Work hours per year.
  • How work hours are distributed over a 24/7 period (i.e. how do staffing levels fluctuate by time of day and day of the week?
  • How often are employees working excessive hours in a day and week?
  • How often do employees have short turnarounds between shifts that impact rest and recovery time?
  • And more…

These and other data points can provide an objective benchmark of the risk of your work schedules and highlight areas of improvement. 

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