Nursing and Healthcare

Nursing and Healthcare

Hospitals, emergency rooms, and nursing homes are highly dependent on fully alert staff round-the-clock. Many health care workers are challenged by sleep deprivation, fatigue and are at increased risk of medical errors. The stress of sleep deprivation also contributes to absenteeism and employee turnover.

Growing awareness of the risks of fatigue in the nursing industry has led the Joint Commission to issue a directive to all healthcare organizations to undertake a fatigue risk assessment and implement a fatigue risk management plan. CIRCADIAN® can help your organization assess the risk of fatigue in your health care workforce by providing tools, training, and other solutions for both individual workers and hospital-wide fatigue management systems.

How CIRCADIAN® can help you

  • Fatigue risk assessment. A fatigue risk assessment for your hospital can provide valuable information about the actual cost and consequences of fatigue in your organization for nurses, doctors, and patients.
  • Fatigue risk management systems. A customized fatigue management programs will map out the course of action to maintain high safety standards while reducing costs associated with fatigue-related errors and incidents.
  • Managing a nursing lifestyle. CIRCADIAN® 's online and classroom training options assist employees with managing their personal lifestyle and health. This leads to minimized costs and reduction of patient errors.
  • Shift schedule optimization. CIRCADIAN® works with both administration and employees to identify a set of ideal schedule solutions to meet operational and family/social needs.


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