Corporate Sleep Programs

Corporate Sleep Programs

In our 24/7 culture, sleep is being challenged.

As the demands on the global workforce increasingly stretch the boundaries of employee work hours, there is a need to provide sleep education and training for ALL corporate employees, including those who traditionally were thought to work “normal” hours.

Employee sleep is a corporate leadership issue. Why? Because sleep directly impacts work performance.

Scientific research reveals that sleep deprivation directly impacts every cognitive and physiological function imperative for peak employee performance. Sleep impacts employee performance, productivity, absenteeism, turnover rates, profitability, safety, and health care costs.

Sleep deprivation is a risk management issue, requiring corporate management to take action.


How CIRCADIAN® can help you

CIRCADIAN® regards optimal sleep as an employee asset that can be leveraged to provide performance and health improvements that benefit both employers and employees.

CIRCADIAN®, a global leader in providing fatigue risk management solutions for the 24/7 workforce, provides expert strategies for addressing the complex challenges associated with obtaining optimal sleep and addressing daytime fatigue.

CIRCADIAN®’s Corporate Sleep Programs offer corporations customized and research-based solutions to address the issue of Sleep Wellness for all levels of a corporation or organization’s workforce regardless of the hours they work.

CIRCADIAN® Corporate Sleep Programs include:

Assessment of corporate goals and strategic needs
  • Determine client timetable, budget, and outcome goals
  • Customize program scope to serve management goals and workforce optimization
  • Design in-person, virtual and/or Train-the-Trainer programming
Keynote Presentations
  • Engage management and employees with compelling sleep research
  • Teach basic sleep science to facilitate a foundation for change
  • Provide sleep improvement strategies and solutions





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