Shift Work Opportunity Assessment


There are inherent necessities and considerable business advantages to running your operation at times outside of just the day shift. However, there are also significant downsides and hidden costs that accompany these extended-hour operations.

The hidden costs of shiftwork are the result of human physiology and social patterns that are disrupted when employees are asked to work nights, evenings, long, or irregular hours on a regular basis. These social and physiological disruptions are manifested as increased absenteeism, turnover, health care costs, accidents, and injuries, and decreased quality and productivity.

Using A Deep Analysis Of Key Performance Indicators, CIRCADIAN Can:

  • Evaluate the extent of excess costs due to shiftwork in your operation (help you cut costs in your operation)
  • Identify solutions for reclaiming the excess costs
  • Propose solutions to existing policies and procedures, union agreements, and regulations to promote cost savings
  • Determine the ROI for implementing countermeasures to reduce the costs

CIRCADIAN Can Also Help You:

  • Determining the cost benefits of implementing a fatigue risk management system (FRMS) and helping with the design and implementation.
  • Assess the impact that certain policy changes or schedule changes may have on your operating budget.
  • Evaluate your current work schedule and benchmark it against your industry.

If you're having an issue with your shift work operation, or you are simply thinking about updating your shift schedules, we'd be happy to put you in touch with one of our shift work experts.

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