White Paper: Advantages and Disadvantages of 8-Hour Shifts


cvr adv disadv of 8 hour shifts

Advantages and Disadvantages of 8-hour Shifts: A Balanced Perspective

8-hour vs. 12-hour shifts is still one of the most frequently debated topics in shiftwork operations. Managers, shiftworkers, union representatives, federal regulators, corporate policymakers, and academic experts continue to question and debate which shift length is best: Are 8-hour shifts safer than 12-hour shifts?

In this white paper, CIRCADIAN seeks to highlight both the pros and cons of 8-hour shifts. To provide a balanced perspective, we will highlight these pros and cons from both the viewpoint of a management team running an operation with 8-hour shifts as well as from the viewpoint of shiftworkers working an 8-hour schedule.


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