Regulatory Challenges

Human fatigue is at the crux of any discussion involving regulatory challenges of Duty or Work-Rest Rules, Working Time Directives, Extended Work Hours and Overtime. Twenty-first century business and industry is burdened by a thicket of outdated Federal and State regulations and statutes on Duty-Rest Rules, Working Time Directives, Extended Work Hours and Overtime, often dating from the early 1900’s when the business environment was vastly different than today’s. Even recently introduced regulations like the trucking Hours of Service regulations, may include inflexible rules that do not adequately reflect the operational issues of specific businesses, or the current science of human fatigue.

Both the science of human fatigue and the technology of business practices in a 24/7 global economy have advanced considerably. Many of the out-dated laws and regulations in effect today are redundant and add costs and restrict business' flexibility, while they do little to legitimately promote employee safety, health and welfare. In addition, there are considerable differences between the various types of businesses and logistics operations within the same industry, but very often the laws and/or regulations governing them are the same. As a result employees may find themselves faced with an impossible choice of operating either illegally and safe, or legally but unsafe.

If this is your situation:

  • You are seeking relief from government or state working hours regulations
  • Your company wants to reverse an adverse ruling on working hours
  • Your company wants to create the most effective travel routes and duty-rest schedules, while ensuring compliance with duty-rest rules

How CIRCADIAN® Expert Services can help you:

CIRCADIAN Expert Services has world-class scientific expertise on human performance factors and fatigue. We intimately understand the realities of extended hours operations in transportation (road, rail, marine, air) and other 24/7 businesses (utilities, chemical, oil, manufacturing, communications). We have an outstanding track record in North America and Europe. We support:

  • Applications for waivers and exemptions from Federal or State Regulations
  • US Congressional Expert Witness Testimony
  • Consultation in the development of travel routes and duty-rest schedules ensuring compliance with work-rest regulations and minimizing employee fatigue
  • Mediate solutions to management-union impasses

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