Fatigue-Related Accident Litigation

Fatigue-Related Accident Litigation

Claims of human fatigue impairment are a rapidly expanding area of accident, injury and working hours litigation. Employee fatigue impairment on the job, or even driver fatigue on the commute home from a shift, is increasingly claimed as the proximate and primary cause of many major accidents. This has resulted in substantial judgments -- employers have been held responsible for imposing a work schedule, or overtime shifts judged to induce fatigue impairment and human error.

If this is your situation:

  • You are defending a lawsuit where human fatigue or driver fatigue impairment, or Hours of Service violations are claimed in a transportation, or industrial workplace accident.
  • You suspect another party in a lawsuit may have been impaired by fatigue and need an expert confidential assessment.
  • You have a disciplinary hearing on a workplace incident and need human fatigue expert support.

How CIRCADIAN® Expert Services can help you:

CIRCADIAN Expert Services has world-class scientific expertise on human performance factors and fatigue. We intimately understand the realities of extended hours operations in transportation (road, rail, marine, air) and other 24/7 businesses (utilities, chemical, oil, manufacturing, communications). We have an outstanding track record in North America and Europe. We support:

  • Discovery phase consultation, ensuring the best possible materials to allege or dispute a claim of impairment
  • Scientific literature review and documentation
  • Opposing impairment expert’s reports/deposition critique
  • Consulting and Expert Witness testimony in lawsuits in Federal and State courts
  • Appeals and Hearings before administrative tribunals
  • Expert support in mediations and negotiations

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