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Increased health risks are found for digestive problems, diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders and depression in the 24/7 workforce. Shiftworkers tend to use coping substances and food to help them deal with the challenges of staying alert, particularly when working night shifts, and sleeping during daytime. The downside to this is that overuse of caffeine and alcohol, two of the most widely abuse coping substances, can cause other health problems and ultimately have a negative impact on performance at work as well as overall health. This ultimately leads to higher healthcare costs.

The good news is that these risks can be reduced and managed. It all starts with educating shiftworkers about proper sleep, exercise, and diet practices.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Education and Training. CIRCADIAN offers several programs designed to assist shiftworkers with maintaining good health and managing the unique challenges of a shiftwork lifestyle.
  • Employee Publications. It is essential to continually provide support materials that reinforce the training and education about being a healthy shiftworker.
  • Shift Schedule Optimization. In cases where the shift schedule causes unnecessary fatigue, redesigning the schedule can significantly minimize the negative impact on employee health.
  • Sleep Disorders Screening. Many health care costs are dramatically increased due to untreated sleep disorders. CIRCADIAN offers screening and treatment programs that will guide shiftworkers and employers through the process.

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