Management Workshop: Successfully Expanding from 5- to 7-Day Operations


5-7ossbrochurecoverimageAre you considering expanding operating hours to 6 or 7 days a week? Are you adding night shifts? Are you considering a seamless 24/7 operation?

CIRCADIAN has extensive experience and methodology for helping companies evaluate and facilitate expanding to 24/7 operations or your desired production schedule.

Our dynamic on-site seminar How to Successfully Expand from a 5- to 7-Day Operation will teach you how to properly assess the need for expanding to a continuous operation and how to work effectively with your employees and/or union to facilitate the change successfully.

"How to Successfully Expand from a 5- to 7-Day Operation" Workshop Will Teach Managers:

  • How to properly assess the need for expanding your operations
  • Proven techniques for managing the complex change to a continuous operation.
  • How to prevent alienating your workforce and make them part of the solution
  • How to engage your workforce to determine the best shift schedule

Benefits of On-Site Workshop:

  • Customizable to your organization's specific needs. Already have a schedule in mind and want to discuss pros and cons? Concerned about labor vs. management issues? No problem.
  • Can include as many participants as the room will hold -- no need to pay additional attendee fees!
  • An opportunity for managers to meet with CIRCADIAN® experts and get specific questions answered

CIRCADIAN looks forward to sharing the benefit of our extensive experience in facilitating these conversions to help you and your employees achieve the full benefits of expanding your operations to better meet customer demands and your operational goals.

To learn more or schedule an onsite workshop:

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