On Site Workshop: Developing an Effective Fatigue Risk Management System

On Site Workshop: Developing an Effective Fatigue Risk Management System

On-site Workshop: Developing and Implementing an Effective Fatigue Risk Management System

FRMSOSSBrochureCoverImageDo you know how much fatigue costs your operation each year? Are you developing a Fatigue Risk Management plan? Are you beginning to implement a comprehensive Risk Management System (FRMS)?

CIRCADIAN offers on-site workshops to help your entire team understand and learn how to manage the complexities and challenges of fatigue, while eliminating the time and expense of flying your team to an off-site meeting.

Whether you are just beginning to learn about FRMS or are in the middle of implementing a comprehensive plan, our dynamic on-site workshop will show you how to drive down the costs and risks of employee fatigue in your company.

Managers will be able to successfully answer these questions:

  • What is the cost of fatigue, and what are the benefits of adopting a FRMS?
  • How do you develop and implement an FRMS?
  • How can I determine safe staffing levels and optimal work schedules for my staff?
  • What fatigue risk tools and technologies are available?

Benefits of On-Site Seminars

  1. Speak directly with an expert - Have a CIRCADIAN expert work directly with your team about the issues you face
  2. Customizable - The workshop can be dedicated to your specific needs and interests (e.g. developing a plan, implementation issues, tracking cost of fatigue, industry compliance, etc.)
  3. Cost-Effective - No limit to the number of managers who may wish to attend
  4. Results oriented –Workshop provides the basis for developing an implementation strategy and monitoring results

CIRCADIAN® is the global expert in Fatigue Risk Management System design and implementation with unsurpassed experience in assisting companies around the world to meet the challenge with its expert best practice solutions. We look forward to the opportunity to conduct an on-site workshop with your team.

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