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Staffing Levels - A Key to Managing Risk in 24/7 Operations

A common assumption among many shiftwork managers is that reducing headcount will cut costs. However, staffing levels, if too lean or imbalanced, are actually a key contributor to fatigue and human error in 24/7 operations. In fact, data from hundreds of shiftwork operations shows that any significant imbalance between workload and staffing levels drives up overtime, absenteeism, and employee turnover, and reduces productivity. Identifying and implementing the optimal staffing levels for your organization's workload is a critical first step to fatigue risk management and can result in safer employees and reduced costs.

Understanding whether your organization is staffed at the right level requires consideration of several factors. In this white paper, CIRCADIAN:

  • Reviews typical causes for staffing imbalances
  • Considers the benefits and risks of keeping staffing lean
  • Reviews overtime levels in 24/7 operations
  • Proposes various solutions to addressing staffing and scheduling imbalances

By Anneke Heitmann, Ph.D. and Andrew Moore-Ede

PDF 16 pp

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