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Case Study: Hazmat Transport Carrier

Case Study: Hazmat Transport Carrier
For a mid-sized hazmat trucking company, the costs associated with long hours of work and irregular schedules were highly unmanaged.  Turnover, health care and safety costs were excessively high even with the best intentions of company management.  The turnover rate was over 100%, which required the company to constantly be in the process of hiring and training new employees.  Through the course of a comprehensive fatigue CIRCADIAN CaseStudy HazmatTransportCarrierClick image to download pdfrisk assessment and accident investigation study, CIRCADIAN® provided employee, supervisor and dispatcher training, and implemented monthly schedule management reports that detailed areas that caused undue fatigue.
The end result was a dispatch method that created reasonable driver schedules that were much more regular and less fatiguing.  The schedules and overall management of them was also much more driver friendly and appealing to new hires.  Over the course of three years, the driver turnover dropped from 107% to 69%.  While 69% is still a high turnover in many industries, it is relatively low for trucking operations.  More importantly, the improvement led to significantly positive changes in production and fulfillment of orders.

In addition to the improvements in turnover, the fatigue management program served to: reduce overall driver fatigue levels, and, in turn, driver attention accidents from 1.29 per million miles to 0.5 per million miles.  Personal injuries were also reduced from 4.89 per 200,000 hours worked to 1.1 per 200,000 hours worked.

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