CIRCADIAN® and Shiftboard Announce Strategic Partnership to Tackle Fatigue in 24/7 Workforces

CIRCADIAN® and Shiftboard Announce Strategic Partnership to Tackle Fatigue in 24/7 Workforces

Discover how the strategic partnership between CIRCADIAN® and Shiftboard is reshaping fatigue management in 24/7 industries. 


CIRCADIAN® and Shiftboard Announce Strategic Partnership to Tackle Fatigue in 24/7 Workforces

New Integrated Solution Combines Intelligent Workforce Scheduling with Biomathematical Fatigue Risk Model for Proactive Fatigue Risk Management

STONEHAM, MA – August 23, 2023 - CIRCADIAN®, the pioneer in the field of shiftwork and fatigue risk management consulting, and Shiftboard, a global leader in enterprise workforce scheduling, today announced a strategic partnership to address the pressing issue of fatigue in manufacturing, energy and other industries with extended-hours operations.

Fatigue is one of the most common sources of human impairment with the National Safety Council reporting that unmanaged fatigue results in an annual health-related productivity cost of $136 billion. Yet most operations don’t have an easy way to measure and track employee fatigue risk…until now.

The new partnership will provide a comprehensive fatigue management toolset, combining Shiftboard's intelligent scheduling capabilities with the Circadian Alertness Simulator (CAS), the longest operationally used biomathematical fatigue risk model with a 25+ year validated record of reducing errors, incidents, and injuries in a wide variety of industry applications. Together, customers can get an immediate risk management analysis dashboard for their workforce.

"Fatigue is a critical issue in industries with extended-hour operations," said Sterling Wilson, CEO of Shiftboard. "Our partnership with CIRCADIAN allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that not only optimizes their scheduling processes but also proactively manages fatigue risks. This is a significant step forward in our mission to improve workforce scheduling and employee wellbeing for mission-critical industries."

CIRCADIAN's CAS provides science-backed insights on worker fatigue levels, enabling organizations to make proactive schedule changes to protect employee well-being and reduce fatigue-related costs. When integrated with Shiftboard's scheduling software, supervisors gain real-time visibility into the potential risks of unforeseen schedule changes.

"Combining the power of Shiftboard's intelligent scheduling with our CAS fatigue risk model creates a powerful tool for organizations to leverage," said Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, CEO of CIRCADIAN."Together, we can provide the insights and solutions necessary to manage fatigue, improve safety, and enhance productivity in 24/7 workforces."

The partnership represents a significant advancement in fatigue management, providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the employee scheduling challenges and fatigue risks inherent in 24/7 operations.


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