Work and Family Life Balance

Employee morale and motivation are key to success in running a 24/7 business. Recent research has shown that conflicts between work and family life are one of the main issues that lead shiftworkers to quit or consider quitting.

Because shiftworkers work outside the normal Monday through Friday daytime hours, their time off duty doesn’t match up with that of their family and friends. In some cases, the amount of time off is perceived to be not enough after taking time for recuperation. Excessive overtime can compound the problem. When the workload is too high for the existing workforce, employees are sometimes required to come in on days off to work overtime, further reducing their ability to have good quality time off.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Training: Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle. This special training program that provides critical information to help employees deal with the challenges of working shiftwork, especially the night shift. Training includes information on fatigue, alertness, sleep, nutrition, health, family/social life and more.
  • Shift Schedule Optimization Program. Develop schedules that improve both operational efficiency as well as maximize employee time off.
  • Employee Publications. Easy to read and informative materials that focus on relevant topics for shiftworkers.
  • Sleep Disorders Screening Programs. Help shiftworkers identify sleep disorders, improve sleep and help them find the medical help they need.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Employee Relation Challenges:

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