Union/Labor Issues

Employee morale and motivation are key to success in running a 24/7 business. There is a higher proportion of unionized employees in 24/7 industries, and a history of failure to deal with the special issues of shiftwork can lead to longstanding mistrust and grievance. Many studies have shown that increases in job stress and low morale lead to higher rates of absenteeism and turnover as well as lower productivity. Maintaining a positive relationship with any workforce will provide benefits for both the individual shiftworker as well as the operation.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Training and Education. Providing shiftworkers with the support and education they need to face the unique challenges of their schedule will promote a better performing workforce both at home and at work.
  • Shift Schedule Optimization. We can help you increase production quality, reduce absenteeism, achieve higher morale, improve health, safety and alertness through a well-implemented schedule.
  • On-site Workshops. CIRCADIAN has developed a number of effective on-site seminars that create awareness and understanding of the special challenges of shiftwork.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Employee Relation Challenges:

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