Efficient 24/7 Utilization

The competitive advantages of 168 hour-a-week utilization of facilities and equipment, or providing seamless 24/7 customer service may seem obvious. But workload often fluctuates, creating pockets of inefficiency and overload, so that proportional staffing of 24/7 operations may be needed to maximize efficiency. In this world, predictive models, creative staffing strategies and optimized scheduling become the key to continuous optimization. Furthermore people who work shifts and 24/7 schedules care deeply about their work schedules and the timing of days off. Unlike machinery and equipment they are not naturally designed to work at night. 24/7 workforce optimization requires a sophisticated understanding of how to protect employee performance and morale, health and safety.

Corporate Shiftwork Strategy

It is vital to develop policies and systems to manage the special challenges of employing a 24/7 workforce. This is a very different world from 9-5 daytime work.

Expanding to 7 days

To get the benefits without aggrieved employees it is critical to bring them into the process of designing work schedules to achieve fuller capacity utilization.

Staffing Levels

Whether your operational workload fluctuates or is steady, finding the right balance of staffing and workload is critical.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Efficient 24/7 Utilization Challenges:

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