Publications for Shiftworkers: Working Nights Newsletter, Health & Safety Guide

Publications for Shiftworkers

Working shifts, especially night shifts, presents unique challenges that daytime employees don’t have to deal with. Are you getting the information you need to feel and perform at your best?

Developed by the leading experts on sleep and shiftwork, CIRCADIAN’s employee publications are designed to help shiftworkers adjust to the demands of shiftwork. Full of shiftwork wisdom, these publications cover important issues like sleep, fatigue, stomach problems and family/work balance.

They’re also great training material that will help both new and veteran shiftworkers avoid common shiftwork pitfalls.


Working Nights Newsletter

Monthly newsletter filled with tips and ideas to maximize the benefits of working nights. Full of practical information, the newsletter reinforces key shiftwork lessons.

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The Good Sleep Guide

The Good Sleep Guide provides practical advice and actionable solutions for employees to optimize their sleep. 

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Working Nights Health & Safety Guide

This easy-to-read guide helps workers better adapt to the demands of shiftwork. It’s a great training tool.

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Managing Fatigue: A Health & Safety Guide for Nurses

Practical information and tips to help Nurses meet the challenges of fatigue, night work and a shiftwork lifestyle

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Working Nights Calendar

The calendar for shiftworkers! Featuring health & safety advice and color-coded scheduling stickers. Great for the whole family.

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Publications & Reports

Publications & Reports

For managers and employees to perform at their best, they must have the right information at their fingertips. To that end, CIRCADIAN has developed a range of award-winning publications that will help empower employees and managers at shiftwork and extended hours operations.



Management Reports

Information on best practices, industry trends and emerging shiftwork issues.


Employee Publications

Newsletters, training guides and other information to help employees manage a shiftwork lifestyle.


Training Materials

Years of shiftwork wisdom has been collected to help employees thrive at home and on the job. Available in many different forms to best suit your workforce.


White Papers

Free white papers covering key areas of interest (e.g. scheduling, training, etc.) for shiftwork facilities.




Shift Work Management Reports

Management Reports

Relying on 30 years of experience and data, CIRCADIAN’s experts have written numerous reports to help managers understand and reduce the costs, risks and liabilities of the extended hours operations in their company.

CIRCADIAN’s management reports provides you with the critical information you need to help your shiftwork operations achieve world-class performance. Current reports include:


Financial Opportunities in Extended Hours Operations: Managing Costs, Risks and Liabilities

Provides management  with information to better deploy human capital in 24-hour operations.


The Practical Guide to Managing 24-Hour Operations

A must have for managers of shiftworkers. Includes over 100 tips on how to best run a shiftwork facility.


Health in Extended Hours Operations

The study identifies the specific health problems commonly related to 24/7 operations and present recommendations and intervention programs that will improve employee health.


Overtime in Extended Hours Operations: Benefits, Costs and Liabilities

A comprehensive look at the overtime that will allow managers to make informed decisions about how to manage overtime efficiently and safely.


Flexible Workforce Management

This study looks at options for implementing flexible scheduling solutions for the extended hours workforce.


And much more…

The full list of management reports is available here