CAS-5 Fatigue Risk Model: the longest operationally-used fatigue model

CAS-5 Aviation Fatigue Risk Model


The CIRCADIAN® Alertness Simulator (CAS) is the longest operationally-used fatigue model with a 20 year validated record of reducing errors, incidents and injuries in FRMS applications.

The latest version of CAS (CAS-5) is specially optimized for airline FRMS to assess fatigue risk in crew pairings, bidlines, and day of operations datae. Some of the key features of CAS-5 are:

  • Designed for Short haul/commuter, Long haul, Freight and Corporate operations
  • Can track Pilots, Flight attendants, and Ground crew
  • Supports crew planning, crew pairings, bidlines, crew requirements
  • Scientifically optimized with sleep/fatigue data
  • Full featured: Crew type, Duty type, Rest type, Time zone shifts etc.
  • Personalized to individual sleep

 To learn more, download the PDF Brochure: CAS-5: Fatigue Risk Module for Crew Planners

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