Would You Hire This Night Shift Manager?

How fatigue can turn a good employee into a liability

Night Shift Manager Application
So, would you hire this applicant?

No way! You would NEVER hire this applicant – he’s a nightmare for a company!

So WHY do you let your current workers transform into this worker?

The attributes listed above are just a few of the negative effects of cognitive fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Benchmarking Fatigue Issues

According to CIRCADIAN's 2014 Shift Work Practices survey data, one-third (33%) of workforce managers believe that fatigue is a moderate or severe problem among their workers. To no surprise, these workforces experience significant problems with absenteeism, turnover and excessive overtime.

Figure 1: Worker Fatigue Levels & FRMS Implementation1
SWP Worker Fatigue  FRMS Implementation

Do you have a fatigue risk management system?

Unfortunately, only 10% of workforces have a fully implemented, comprehensive FRMS in place.

Workforces that have implemented fatigue risk management programs experience fewer problems with absenteeism, turnover and excessive overtime. Employees in these workforces have greater morale, less stress, and are more productive workers.

What is a fatigue risk management system?

A fatigue risk management system (FRMS) is a data-driven, risk-informed, safety performance-based program that reduces the risk of fatigue-related incidents in 24/7 operations. An FRMS will continually monitor and reduce fatigue risk.

Figure 2: CIRCADIAN® 5 Defenses FRMS Design
5 Defenses FRMS Screenshot
Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) fit within an organization’s overall health and safety program and are now the globally-accepted standard for managing the risk of employee fatigue in safety-sensitive businesses.

New laws, regulations and ANSI standards are continually published that require more companies and industries to design and implement an FRMS.

Is fatigue impacting your workers?

It can be challenging to determine if fatigue is negatively impacting your workforce. Some tell-tale signs of worker fatigue issues can include:

  • Increase in absenteeism rates (especially unexpected absenteeism)
  • Increased rates of errors and accidents
  • Lowered productivity
  • Sluggish employees
  • Increased caffeine consumption among workers

Best Fatigue Management Practices

To learn more about best practices of fatigue management and it's role in 24/7 operations, we suggest reading the following informative white papers:

 Shiftwork Lifestyle Training
Biocompatible Shift Scheduling

Also, make sure to check out our ‘Evolution of Fatigue Risk Management’ white paper & infographic which detail how fatigue risk management was conceived, the evolution of FRMS, its scientific basis, and the reasons it has remained under the radar for more than 20 years.

Evolution of FRMS Infographic                             Evolution of FRMS White Paper
FRMS Infographic FRMS White Paper

CIRCADIAN® FRMS and 24/7 Workforce Solutions

CIRCADIAN is the global leader in providing 24/7 workforce performance and safety solutions for businesses that operate around the clock.  Through a unique combination of consulting expertise, research, software tools and informative publications, CIRCADIAN helps organizations in 24/7 workforces optimize employee performance and reduce the inherent risks and costs of their extended hours operations.

CIRCADIAN Fatigue Risk Management Systems
1. CIRCADIAN Shift Work Practices, 2014

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