The trucking industry is faced with confusing, frequently changing and excessively restrictive Hours of Service rules, escalating accident litigation awards, the prospect of mandatory electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) and the competitive challenge of the NAFTA-driven entry of Mexican trucks. CIRCADIAN provides the competitive edge in steering through these mine fields.

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How CIRCADIAN can help you:

CIRCADIAN has 30 years of experience of helping trucking companies find effective solutions which reduce accident costs by up to 75%, cut driver turnover in half, and increase operational efficiency. We provide driver fatigue training programs, fatigue risk assessments, and expert advice in applying for exemptions and waivers from HoS regulations

  • Fatigue Risk Assessment. Did you know that 10% of your drivers contribute 70% of the excess risks and costs? Circadian’s CAS software can help you figure out every day who is at risk and how to address the problem.
  • Gaining exemptions from Hours of Service. Circadian helps trucking companies control their future amidst the confusing and restrictive regulations. We help you design and apply for exemptions from Hours of Service which boost your safety and productivity.
  • Education and Training programs for drivers and dispatchers. Fatigue management is an ongoing process. Circadian’s train-the-trainer programs give your company the expertise and licensed materials to embed fatigue risk training in your culture forever.Blue Truck On Highway
  • Sleep Disorders Screening. Sleep disorders including sleep apnea are common and place drivers and your company at high risk. Circadian offers cost effective driver screening and management of the risk of these treatable conditions.
  • Technology Assessment. Circadian helps you select the alertness monitoring technology most suitable for your operations. In our university-based research labs we test and evaluate technologies from many vendors.
  • Defending against human factors, error & injury lawsuits. With its expert team, Circadian Expert Services consults and provides testimony on accident, workers compensation and product liability litigation related to human factors, fatigue, impairment and working hours.

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