mine-largeThe insatiable global desire for energy and raw materials fuels the 24/7 economy, and requires a hardworking round-the-clock workforce often in demanding environments where safe and productive performance is critical 24-hours a day.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Staffing level analysis.  Using advanced analysis techniques, CIRCADIAN can identify the optimal staffing levels for your operation taking into account the fluctuations in demand that are inherent in the mining industry.
  • Shift schedule optimization.  CIRCADIAN works with both managers and employees to identify a set of ideal schedule solutions to meet business and family/social needs.
  • Fatigue risk management systems.  Comprehensive fatigue management programs will map out the course of action to maintain high safety standards while reducing costs associated with fatigue-related errors and incidents.
  • Training: Managing a shiftwork lifestyle.  These programs assist shiftworkers with managing their personal health, which will help minimize healthcare costs.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Mining & Metals Solutions:

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